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Paige R.



     Leaving our daughter into the care of another was hard. When my 'very unplanned' daughter entered our world, it was the best, the scariest, and most stressful event that ever happened to us - we were very, seriously, under-prepared. I had to keep my job, so that meant I had to find a day care that I could trust to look after our 4 month old daughter (I should add, she was a preemie - 7 weeks early, so adjusted age - only two months old when I had to go back to work!). 
     To make a long story short - I lucked out by finding the BEST day care in all of Foothill Ranch. Ms. Mali, the day care owner and provider, is the most qualified, loving and enriching person any mother and father could wish for to watch over their child full time. Our daughter just turned two, and is thriving! I give a lot of credit to Ms. Mali in helping our daughter meet all her milestones, and in molding her sweet, loving (and spunky!) personality. I am so happy, and so grateful to Ms. Mali - I thank her daily, with true sincerity!




     I don't want to write a review simply because then everyone will want their kid to attend Cub Care. However, since I think Ms. Mali and her family are great I'm giving in. I searched for a long time before finding Cub Care by luck. 
     On the 1st day I had to bring my son in was hard, my son was clingy, I was clingy and both of us did not want to part. I work nearby but as I was settling down to my computer I received a text from Mali letting me know how my son was doing. Texts came through out the 1st day. After a few weeks it came to my attention that it wasn't just Mali caring for my son but her family in whole. Everyone, her three kids and husband partake with the children throughout the day. My son still might fuss in the morning about me leaving but I no longer have any hesitation leaving him. When I go to pick him up he is always smiling and playing. I'm lucky to have found Cub Care!

Anna & Adeel



     Searching for daycare for my infant son was terrible. Everyone had long waiting lists and I did not feel welcome. I also thought if this is how they are with me how will they be with my son. 
     Mali and Cub Care was different. She took time to meet with us and play with our son on our first visit. She worked with our schedule and has a perfect location near my office. Dropping our son off is easy because he can't wait to play and spend time with the other kids.
     My husband and I could not be happier with Cub Care. 
     Thanks for taking good care of our son and creating a home away from home for him. You put my mind at ease. I know he is always well cared for and happy at Cub Care.

Pamela B.



     I found a gem at Foothill Ranch! I could not believe my luck. Mali was such a great care giver to my infant. She took her when she was only 4 months old- not really knowing how to use the bottle and not really used to many people except me-her mom. She was patient, caring and such a happy person. Qualities you would want for someone you want to take care of your baby. She will work with your family as to the needs of each individual child. I truly recommend her and I still could not believe how blessed I am for having found her to help me rear my precious baby. Now, I feel, as a working mom, who also stayed home with my 2 other kids for 7 years, that I can go back to being productive and feel secure that my child is well taken cared of. Thank you, Mali!

Deepthy N.



     A no-worries home day care where you can drop off your child and be assured they are well taken care of. The owner Mrs. Hemamali, along with the help of her husband and 3 children does an excellent job in running a home based day care. They are all are very accommodating and friendly. The House is very tidy, safe and is located in a nice location in Foothill ranch. We have been sending our 3 year old there for more than a year now. They all feel like family to us and have frequent discussions with the parents about their child's activities and progress.Our child is excited to go there everyday and has a strong relationship with Hema and all her family members. We are really pleased to have found Cub care as our child's day care.

Calvin L.



     I think I found the best daycare in the area by sheer luck. Mali is loving and very passionate about the children she cares for. My daughter is very social and achieved many milestones, I am sure it is due to the good care Mali provided and the other children that she interacts with. My daughter is always smiling when she is there.

Monica Fernandes



     As a first time mom going back to work just before my son was three months old, I was terrified at the mere thought of leaving him with a stranger! My husband and I toured many facilities and in home daycares and were honestly feeling hopeless until we found Cub Care. We knew the second we walked in the door that our son would be well cared for. All our worries had finally subsided (I still cried the entire first week back to work while he had a blast!) Mrs. Mali and her family welcomed our son as one of their own and sent photos and videos often of his progress. Mrs. Mali even captured his first roll over and sent it to me during work. Our son just turned two and I dread the time he will have to leave Cub Care. I fear he will never find the individual attention and honest love that he has with his Cub Care family. They are truly the best and we are beyond grateful!

Cynthia R.



     Both my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter started at "Mrs. Mali's" at 6 months old. My son was there until he went to pre-school at age 3. My 2 year old daughter is still there. Mrs. Mali is very warm, caring and loving. She treats the kids as part of her family. Both of my children excelled while in her care. My daughter could recite the ABC's and count at a very young age. My children are also very social and I believe it is due to interacting with other children their age. I highly recommend Cub Care daycare. It is always stressful to leave your child in someone else's care but it is a lot easier when you trust they are being well taken care of. I do trust Cub Care.

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