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Meet Hemamali

Hello, my name is Hemamali Silva, but you can call me "Mali" for short. I am the licensed owner of "Cub Care" and am a loving mother of three wonderful children. I have received my Pre-Nursing AA degree from Saddleback College, have a nursing background from Loma Linda University, and am both CPR and First-Aid Certified. I am committed to providing your child with a happy and healthy start to their early childhood education!

 The "Home" in Home Day Care

At Cub Care, every child becomes a part of our family. Since Cub Care is a Home Day Care, it is ideal for parents who want to ensure that their child is in a warm, loving, and homelike environment. Children feel like they are at their home away from home and arrive to Cub Care excited and ready to start their day. While Cub Care provides all the comforts of home, it also provides an important educational and social environment too, which is critical during the early developmental stages of young children.

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